Darran Brennan, (aka Manquill and formerly EDM producer Demon Groove) is a songwriter and music producer from Dublin, Ireland.

In September 2011 Darran signed his first ep to Frederik Olufsen’s (of the Bang and Olufsen family) label, Royal Fetish Recordings under the moniker Demon Groove.

Between 2011 and 2015 he released eleven EDM face mashers through the coolest indie labels around, including Adapted Records and Tasty Records.

When the EDM scene lost its way and the music devolved into “basicness”, Darran went travelling for 6 months. During this time he wrote several songs on guitar (and a borrowed ukulele).

After gigging around Dublin between 2017-2020 and some busking, the songs grew alongside many new ones. Using his production and writing skills (he is also an author), he created a sound and vibe all of his own that has a strong lyrical focus while blending organic instruments and electronic elements.


‘Savages’ is the first single of six-to-ten finished tracks which Darran will be releasing throughout 2021. ‘Savages’ is built around a haunting chord structure and pounding toms that took months to get right. With the sweeping harmonies the lead single has flavours of Fleetwood Mac. Lyrically, ‘Savages’ is a song about how Dublin has changed due to the drug culture and becoming desensitised towards aggression and violence and finding a way back to a place more harmonious. ‘Savages’ is out on Friday, Feburary 12th, 2021.